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Olivier Hermant
Researcher in Computer Science

I am an assistant researcher at CRI, the computer science laboratory of Mines ParisTech and an close collaborator to the Deducteam Inria project-team. Within the formal method community, my theoretical research interests spread from proof theory to type theory and rewriting. In the practical side, I am involved in the development of Dedukti, a universal proof-checker that is able to check proofs from various proof assistants, together with its companion tools. I also have studied various automated theorem proving techniques (resolution, tableaux). You can learn more about my work (including some drafts) on my paper page.

HDR defense on 2017, April 20 at 2PM in room L107 at
MINES ParisTech
60 bd Saint Michel
75 006 Paris

Here is a draft version of the manuscript (in French).

Here are my coordinates: Office 1.04, Building P
Mines ParisTech
35 rue Saint-Honoré
77 305 Fontainebleau (France)
Tel: +33 (0)1 64 69 48 31
Fax: +33 (0)1 64 69 48 47
Mail: my
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Resume: [pdf], [ps]