Calcul ParalleleFundamental Research in Parallel Computing INRIA & University of Yaounde I United Nation University & AIRE projects
ProxAccpmGeneric Convex Optimization SolverUniversity of Geneva NSF Project
SUTRA / NCCR An Operational Energy Modelling System (report) University of Geneva & Partners European project
Universal Report Technical work related to programming languages and source codes--
CRESCCOCritical Resource Sharing for Cooperation in Complex Systems University of Geneva & Partners European project
BIOXHITBiocrystallography on a Highly Integrated Technology Platform for European Structural Genomics EMBL & partners European project
OcelleParallel programming framework for Cell architecture IEF-University of Paris-Sud & Partners ANR project
TeraOpsModels/algorithms/tools targeted for embedded massively parallel computingIEF-University of Paris-Sud & Partners Sytem@tic projet
PetaQCDPetascale Computing for Lattice Quantum ChromoDynamics LAL-LPT-INRIA & partners ANR Project
STIC-AmSud BioCloud Cloud Infrastructures for Bioinformatic Applications MINES ParisTech-INRIA & Brazilian Universities (Rio & Brazilia) & U. of Santiago de Chile STIC-AmSud project
TIMC Traitement d'Images Mulit-Cibles MINES ParisTech (CRI-CMM-CAOR) CARNOT M.I.N.E.S project
BASTION Broadcast And Surveillance Technologies Over Networks MINES ParisTech - SAGEM - ATERA - E2V - SAFRAN - Grass Valley - ADMIEC - Caeleste - AXONEuropean project
Other  Scientific Collaborations Other  Technical Collaborations and Connections