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Journal Guest Editorial

Yi Shang, Hongchi Shi, Ying Zhang and Christophe Guettier.
Special Issue: Distributed Systems of Sensors and Actuators,
March 2009, Volume 9, Issue 3 Pages 283–439, Wiley

Workshop Organisation

International Workshop on Tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
held in conjunction with MobiHoc'11

International Workshop on Planning under Uncertainty and Execution Control for Autonomous Systems
held in conjunction with ICAPS'06

International Workshop on Planning under Uncertainty for Autonomous Systems
held in conjunction with ICAPS'05

Contributions to the Strategic Research Agenda of the EUropean RObotic Platform EUROP SRA

Network Centric Systems

Due to the massive introduction of networking digital systems and devices, information capabilities are constantly expanding. However, requirement capture, quality and guarantee of services are difficult to formalise at a same pace. Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) lifecycle (such as Phoenix in the defense area) explores new network centric capabilities using rapid system prototyping.

Christophe Guettier, Patrick Sechaud, Jacques Yelloz, Geraud Allard, Ingrid Lefebvre, Pierre Peteuil, Patrick Ponthoreau, Fabien Cuisinier, Jerome Martinet. Improving tactical capabilities with netcentric systems: the Phoenix’08 experimentation. In the Proceedings of the MILCOM 2009 Conference. Boston, USA, November 2009.

Christophe Guettier. Automated Planning and Scheduling Service for Network based Operations. In the Proceedings of the MILCOM 2008 Conference. San Diego, USA, November 2008.

LCL Arnaud Desbois, Geraud Allard, Christophe Guettier Jacques Yelloz, Vincent Huitric. Demonstrating new tactical capabilities with heterogeneous network-enabled systems: the Phoenix 2007 experimentation In the Proceedings of the MILCOM 2008 Conference. San Diego, USA, November 2008.

Markus P.J. Fromherz, Lara S. Crawford, Christophe Guettier and Yi Shang.Distributed Adaptive Constrained optimization for Smart Matter Systems. Published in AAAI Spring Symposium on Intelligent Embedded and Distributed Systems. March 2003 (pdf)

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Ad Hoc Networking

In ad hoc networking, an efficient management needs to take in account various constraints: quality of services, topology, traffics, reliability. This management becomes more difficult when collaborative services must be supported (sensor analysis, decision making, distributed agreement, data analysis). The research approach combines constraint solving techniques with optimised link state protocols to provide new service admission schemes.

Christophe Guettier, Philippe Jacquet, Laurent Viennot and Jacques Yelloz. Automatic Optimisation of Reliable Collaborative Services in OLSR Mobile Ad Hoc Networks In the Proceedings of MILCOM 2007, Orlando, USA, November 2007.

Christophe Guettier, Gerard Le Lann and Jean-Francois Hermant. Ad Hoc Sensor Networks, Constraint Programming and Distributed Agreement Invited paper, in the proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Information Technology, Research and Education. New Jersey, USA, August 2003.

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Real-time, Parallel and Distributed Systems

In modern architectures, the increasing number of processing units associated to various levels of resources (memory levels, bus) have made system design both difficult and costly. Mapping statically the set of tasks onto a multi-processor system is one of the most crucial issues, since the designer must guarantee system both feasibility and performances. These papers show how to use constraint solving and optimisation techniques to efficiently map high performance and real-time applications on parallel and distributed architectures.

Christophe Guettier and Jean-Francois Hermant. Static Mapping of Hard Real-Time Applications onto Multi-Processor Architectures using Constraint Logic Progamming. In the Proceedings of ICAPS Workshop on Constraint Programming for Planning and Scheduling, Monterey, CA, USA, June 2005 (pdf).

Peter H. Feiler, Bruce Lewis, Steve Vestal and Christophe Guettier. Improving Predictability in Real-Time Avionics and Space Systems. In the Proceedings of Data Systems in Aerospace. Nice, France, June 2001 (pdf).

Christophe Guettier. Constraint Based Modeling for Optimizing Real-Time System Design. In the Proceedings of the Conference on Life Cycle Software Engineering Technlogy for Modern Avionics and Smart Weapon Systems. Redstone US Army Arsenal, Alabama, August 2000 (pdf).

Christophe Guettier and Jean-Francois Hermant. A Constraint-Based Model for High-Performance Real-Time Computing. In the Proceedings of the International Conference on Distributed and Parallel Systems. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, September 1999 (pdf).

Christophe Guettier. Optimisation globale et placement d'applications de traitement du signal sur architectures paralleles utilisant la programmation par contraintes (Global optimisation and DSP placement onto parallel architectures using Constraint Logic Programming). These, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris and Thomson-CSF/Corporate Research Lab. Octobre 1997.

Corinne Ancourt, Denis Barthou, Christophe Guettier, Francois Irigoin, Bertrand Jeannet, Jean Jourdan and Juliette Mattioli. Automatic Data Mapping of Signal Processing Applications. In the Proceedings of the Application Specific Architectures and Processors Conference. Zurich, Switzerland, August 1997 (pdf).

Jean Jourdan, Remi Lissajoux and Christophe Guettier. Global Optimization of Data Mapping and Task Scheduling on Parallel Machines Using Concurrent Model-based Programming. In the Proceedings of the High Performance Computing Symposium' 95. Montreal, Canada, June 1995.

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Autonomous Systems

UAVs, UUVs, UGVs, planetary rovers and space probes operate with limited human intervention in changing and partially known environment. These autonomous systems navigate and manage internal behavior while responding to mission updates, threats, failures and situation awareness. Therefore, their operational performances strongly depend on the ability of the system to anticipate, adapt and react. In particular, mission planning appears to be system centric and critical for the success of challenging missions. Various theoretical and practical aspects of planning are presented, but a broad range of problems are still open.

Francois Lucas, Christophe Guettier, Patrick Siarry, A-M Milcent and Arnaud de la Fortelle Constrained Navigation with Mandatory Waypoints in Uncertain Environment To appear in the International Journal of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering, 2010.

Francois Lucas and Christophe Guettier Automatic Vehicle Navigation with Bandwidth Constraints In Proceedings of MILCOM 2010 San Jose, USA, 2010.

Christophe Guettier, Francois Lucas and Patrick Siarry. Hybridisation of Constraint Solving with an Ant Colony Algorithm for Vehicle On-Line Path Planning. In Proceedings of ICAPS 4th Workshop on Planning and Plan Execution for Real-World Systems Thessaloniki, Greece, 2009.

Neil Yorke Smith and Christophe Guettier. Anytime Behaviour of Mixed CSP Solving. In the proceedings of Changes'04 International Workshop on Constraint Solving Under Change and Uncertainty(pdf). Toronto, Canada, September 2004.

Neil Yorke Smith and Christophe Guettier. Towards Automatic Robust Planning for the Discrete Commanding of Aerospace Equipment. In the proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium of Intelligent Control.(pdf). Houston, Texas, October 2003.

Christophe Guettier, Bruno Patin and Jean-Francois Tilman. Validation of Autonomous Concepts using the ATHENA Environment. In Proceedings of the International European Space Agency Workshop on On-Board Autonomy. Noordwijk, The Netherlands, October 2001 (pdf).

Jean-Clair Poncet, Christophe Guettier, Gerard Le Lann and Eric Bornschlegl. Constraint-based Layered Planning and Distributed Control for an Autonomous Spacecraft Formation Flying. In Proceedings of the International European Space Agency Workshop on On-Board Autonomy. Noordwijk, The Netherlands, October 2001 (pdf).

Christophe Guettier and Jean-Clair Poncet. Multi-Levels Planning for Spacecraft Autonomy. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation. Montreal, Canada, June 2001 (pdf).

L.S. Crawford, M. P.J. Fromherz, Christophe Guettier and Yi Shang. A Framework for On-line Adaptive Control of Problem Solving. In the CP'01 Workshop on On-line Combinatorial Problem Solving and Constraint Programming. Cyprus, Dec. 2001 (pdf).

Bertrand Allo, Christophe Guettier and Nelly Lecubin. A Demonstration of Dedicated Constraint-Based Planning within Agent-based Architectures for Autonomous Aircraft. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control'01. Mexico, September 2001 (pdf).

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Planning and Scheduling

Mission planning is critical phase in preparing challenging missions, in particular for first responders, space and defence operations. Mission constraints deeply impacts both plan elaboration and task scheduling processes performed by the different entities. A serie of constraint-based methods for automating mission planning and scheduling is presented in the context of Network based Operations for space and defence areas. The proposed approach can tackle complex constraint formulations, including coordinations and synchronisations.

C. Guettier. Solving Planning and Scheduling Problems in Network based Operations. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Principle and Practice of Constraint Programming, CP'2007 Providence, RI, USA, 2007 (pdf).

C. Guettier, B. Allo, V. Legendre, J.-C. Poncet and N. Strady-Lecubin. Constraint model-based planning and scheduling with multiple resources and complex collaboration schema. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on AI Planning and Scheduling Toulouse, France, April 2002 (pdf).

Eric Bornschlegl, Christophe Guettier and Jean-Clair Poncet. Automatic Planning for Autonomous Spacecraft Constellations. In Proceedings of the 2nd International NASA Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space. San Francisco, California, March 2000 (pdf).

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